Let's Help all children shine bright.


The Kids Kindness Project emphasizes the importance of kindness and compassion while welcoming all children to be part of this wonderful experience. 

Our hope is that together,  we can make a difference one act of kindness at the time. 


In addition to the wonderful supporting families and ambassadors, the Kids Kindness Project has partnered with local Charities to join forces in making a difference and creating opportunities for children throughout South Florida.

Through events such as Kids Play 4 Kids, the Kids Kindness Project has brought the magic of kindness to over 600 children this year. 


A charity for Kids by Kids. The Kids Kindness Project is a platform where children can become philanthropist at a young age. 

Not only can they participate by joining our events and sponsoring a child, but with our support they can also create their own events.  


This year, families attending the Kids Play 4 Kids events have sponsored over 300 children to enjoy unforgettable afternoons. 

The concept is simple, every child sponsors a child to recreate the same event. Children get to give back to their community while they are having fun. 


The Kids Kindness Project has the pleasure of working with several schools throughout South Florida. It is a wonderful opportunity for schools to invite their students to promote kindness and lead kindness projects.  This year over 800 Miami students celebrated the Kids Kindness Day, where children were invited to think of how they can make a difference by doing an act of kindness. 


Every year in May, the Kids Kindness Project celebrates Kindness throughout Miami Schools.

A Kindness Wall is setup and children get to write an act of kindness they would like to do. 

Our hope is that together we can spread kindness and think of ways to give back.


Kindness, a beautiful gift!

It is our belief, that together we can make a true difference one act of kindness at the time! That with kindness the world can become a better place! 

Kindness is contagious, it gives smiles and heals hearts. It simply makes one feel happier!

Kindness is a gift that is worth to be shared. 

One small act of kindness can change someone’s entire day! 

Through our programs and events, we hope to awaken this wonderful wisdom with our children so that they can in turn spread the magic of kindness around. 

Dr. Zhao speaks about kids helping kids

We had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Zhao, an internationally renowned scholar, author and speaker. His inspiring book, World Class Learner gives a different approach to education. We asked him what he thought about Kids Helping each other. We love his answer.