The Kids Kindness mission is give joy and happy moments to undeserved children while promoting the magic of kindness. 

The Kids Kindness is a charity for kids by kids where children are encouraged  to help each other and become philanthropist at a young age. 

Through our events such as Kids Play 4 Kids, Kids Cook 4 Kids or our volunteering programs , children get to give back while they have fun.  

Thanks to wonderful families, schools  and businesses supporting our cause we have been able to help over 800 children this year.

On May 11th, we celebrated the Kids Kindness Day where over 1000 children participated and created their Kindness Wall. 

Please join us to spread the Magic of Kindness and make a difference.

Bring your children to a Kindness Event or to volunteer. They will have fun and get a better understanding of the importance of giving back.

Please join us to spread the Magic of Kindness and make a difference.

One act of kindness can change everything!


Did you know?


A child enters foster care every two minutes in the U.S.

It's a number that is hard to comprehend however it is a real number. We van all imagine the fear in a child's eyes when although necessary is separated from the only home ever  known.

Belongings are put in a plastic bag!

It is a sad reality, when foster children are removed from their family their belongings are put in a plastic bag. This repeats every time a child is asked to live with new foster parents. 

A long road

Children that have been in foster care often experience the feeling of not being wanted. They often long for a loving family. Sometimes the family that they so desperately need doesn't come and their hopes are left unreserved, thus leaving them with a low self worth and a deep sadness that is sometimes hard to recover from even as they become adults. 

A sad reality

-  52% of foster youth are unemployed at the age of 21 

- 62% will be unemployed 12-18 months after aging out from the foster care system 

- The median yearly income at age 21 

will be $5,450 

-  25% of former foster youth nationwide reported that they had been homeless within 2 to 4 years of exiting foster care.  

The Kids Kindness and children in foster care

The Kids Kindness brings "happy moment" filled with joy to children that need it. 

Our events are filled with love and kindness. Our hope is to show that the world can be a happy place and  that every child goes home with loving memories that will warm their hearts for a long time to come. 


We welcome families to come and volunteer! 

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