BE PART OF a network that cares

A Network of Businesses that Care


Philanthropy would not be complete without the involvement of businesses and corporations. It’s not always about writing a check but more so to connect companies and their employees to philanthropy.

Giving back makes on feel good and proud to be part of.

Many studies have shown that businesses that give back are associated with greater employee retention, happier work atmosphere and pride to be working for a business that cares! “Staffers who believe their organizations give back to the community are a striking 13 times more likely to look forward to coming to work, compared to employees who do not perceive their employers to be generous toward the community” Fortune

Businesses that care is a platform designed to connect philanthropy and businesses to offer different ways to give back. 

Whether a multi corporation or a smaller business, the Businesses that Care Network offers many possibilities to participate in making a difference.

It also joins businesses that share the same view about philanthropy and giving back.

For more information on how your businesses or corporation can be part of this wonderful project please visit


Some companies that truly care!



Microsoft is a wonderful company that gives, gives and gives....

Microsft employees are kind, compassionate and love to help. 

We are thankful for their generosity and the care they show  for their community. 

JC Penney


The generosity and kindness from JC Penney's employees is humbling.  There are no words to thank them enough for spreading kindness and giving back to their community. 



Fundimension is a unique business that constantly seeks ways to give back to their community. We are forever grateful for their support for our Kids Play 4 Kids events and for always welcoming interns from the Internship Project.

Chick Fil A


Thank you Chick Fil A for showing an enormous amount of compassion and generosity!  Chick Fil A has welcomed children for for meals at the Dadeland Mall. Your generosity is truly humbling.

DadeLand Mall


There are no words that will ever be enough to express our how grateful we are for your support, kindness and compassion. We need more businesses like yours!

Bayside Market Place


Thank you for welcoming the Internship Project to your mall and for showing compassion and care while giving back to your community.