The Holiday Toy distribution was being held at Miami’s Parrot jungle and 800 local children were coming. It was a beautiful Miami December afternoon and we brought the kids along. The place was decorated from top to bottom creating a wonderful holiday atmosphere. Quickly our 9 year old started handing out subway sandwiches and our 5 year old was helping out at the cookie stand. Highly focused and more serious then we have ever seen them. They did not want the day to end. On our way home, the boys asked when they could volunteer again. An amazing day in which we worked all together to help others.

Every year,  more and more amazing families joined to help distribute toys. You could see the kids glowing of enjoyment and parents proud as can be. 

After years of bringing the kids along it was time to create a program that focused on Children helping Children. In 2018, the Kids Kindness Project was born. Today, through our events, we have helped over 600 children and are encouraging young philanthropists from all walks of life to come and join our mission.  

Children love to help others, they are creative, curious, loving and kind. They are our most precious gift. 

Please join us in our mission to help children throughout South Florida while spreading kindness. 



The Kids Kindness Team 


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The Kids Kindness Project


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