When kids help kids magic happens! Be kindness

We are Kindness

Kindness is simply magical, it heals broken hearts, gives smiles and makes one happy! Join us making a difference one act of kindness at a time.

Give Back

We welcome families to make a difference by supporting our events,  celebrate the Kids Kindness Day or become Ambassadors and lead their own Kindness Projects. 

Our Mission

We are a charity for kids by kids where all children get to participate in making a difference. Our mission is to encourage children to promote kindness while learning  and helping  each other.  


The Kids Kindness Project is a non- profit organization with the mission  to promote kindness while encouraging children to help each other. 

Through our Kids Play 4 Kids events, children get to give back while they have fun.  

Thanks to the wonderful Miami Families and Schools  supporting our cause we have been able to help over 600 children in Miami this year.

On May 11th, we celebrated the Kids Kindness Day where over 800 children in Miami participated and created their Kindness Wall. 

Please join us to spread the Magic of Kindness and make a difference. One act of kindness can change someones entire day

Moms and Kindness

Tv Star and Telemundo host, Andrea Minski talks about the importance of sharing kindness with our kids.

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